DragonRealm adds four unique entites to Minecraft. They are listed below with their information.

Alpha Dragon: This is the strongest and largest of the DragonRealm dragons. You will know this type by it's red color and dominating behavior.

Hunter Dragon: Hunter Dragons are distinguished by their yellow color. They are not as large or strong as Alpha Dragons, but make no mistake, they can "pack a punch."

Scout Dragon: Scout Dragons are the smallest of the DragonRealm dragons and are green in color. Although the may seem weak, they can be a challenge for "early game" players.

Elder Dragon Slayer: Although they were once considered protectors of the land, the Elder Dragon Slayers now choose a life of retirement in villages trading DragonRealm loot to other fellow dragon slayers.

Dragonsmith: Repairing DragonRealm tools and armor can be tedious and challenging.  Dragonsmiths may offer their services to those that they feel are worthy of their time.


Alpha Dragon Hunter Dragon Scout Dragon Elder Dragon Slayer Dragonsmith
Health 500 - 2000 100 - 500 1 - 75 20 20
Attack 12 - 20 6 - 11 1 - 5 NA NA