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This is the first tier helmet in the DragonRealm mod. It is crafted using Dragon Ingots similar to the vanilla helmet recipe.

To upgrade this item to the Scout Dragon Helmet, you must first learn the Scout Knowledge Tome achievement and have created the Dragon Altar. Place the Dragon Altar on the ground and, while holding the Dragon Helmet in your hand, Right-Click the Dragon Helmet on the Dragon Alter. You should hear a Dragon Growl and Thunderclap if successful.

Note: The Dragon Helmet must have full durability (not damaged) before the upgrade can occur. You can repair it with Dragon Ingots in an anvil or by finding a Dragonsmith.

A debuff will be applied to you if you are holding this item without having first earned the First Blood achievement. The debuff is Mining Fatigue II and Slowness IV.


Dragon Helmet


Dragon Helmet


Dragon Helmet


Dragon Helmet

Durability 385 407 429 451
Toughness 2.5 3 3.5 4
Enchantability 25 30 35 40

Crafting Recipe:

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Recipe Dragon Helmet